Being passionate about fine spirits is a way of life

Vault of Spirits - we're open up the vault

At Vault of Spirits we love good bottles! We love the exciting ones, those with history, those with years and years behind and those who just taste good.

We also know that there are many, exactly like us, out there, and thats is why we choose to open up our safe and sell out our fine, good tasting, exclusive and rare bottles.

Are you looking for a good investment, a collectible item, a specieal gift for someone you love or just a dram you can sit and enjoy in the corner of your large chesterfield, have a look in our safe. You will definitely find it here.

If you need help, advice and guidance, you are welcome to contact us. We would love to help you find the right bottle for you.

Benedikte Lennert Christensen


Hi 🙂 My name is Benedikte, I am in the start 30s and I am married to The Whisky Viking himself. And when you, like me, have been with a man like him for many years, it cannot be ignored, the fact that it has aroused my interest in finer bottles. One might say it runs in our bath water. Fortunately, I also love all the administrative stuff behind such a shop and this is where my strength is. It is also me who packs your items for shipping and makes sure that they are shipped safed and sound to you. Of course, my biggest task is that you are happy and satisfied customers here at Vault of Spirits.

Daniel René Christensen


My name is Daniel (aka The Whiskey Viking) and I’m all about whisky. I collect it, I drink it, I’m studying it, I read about it and I invest my money in it. Oh, and I also write about it on my review blog And now, I finally work with it, as well. I’ve traveled a lot in Scotland and I’ve visited over 70 distilleries for Whisky purposes. So, in spite of my relatively young agr, in the Whiskey industry, I have gained enormous knowledge and a great passion for not only whisky, but also other fine spirits. I really like the process, the story and the love behind the distillation of spirits. Every bottle, its own history. And that is a story I really want to share, here at Vault of Spirits.

Janus Parslov


My name is Janus and I am THE rum man! I am 35 and I have been interested in rum since the early 20s. During that time I have tasted ALOT of different rums I have also traveled a lot in the world of rum. It’s all the many different countries, cultures and distillations I find interesting and exciting. I can talk about it for hours and therefore I also do tastings every now and then.