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Paul John, Oloroso - Select Cask, 48%

Goa | India
Paul John
Indian Single Malt
Bottle size
70 cl
Select Cask
Cask type
Oloroso Sherry

Paul John, Oloroso – full-bodied and rich

A fruity and velvety smooth expression awaits within this dark golden bottle. The freshness of ripe berries with a fading memory of sweet spices. The name stems from the maturation within the casks that complete the final stages of this fine whisky. Paul John Oloroso is a smooth and accessible dram with a subtle flamboyance that is easily recommendable.


The impact of Paul John Oloroso, 48%:

Smell: Vanilla and grapes with leathery nuances

Taste: Ripe berries and coffee

Finish: Cocoa seeds


This bottle was reviewed by the independent and renowned reviewer The Whisky Viking. Read it here.

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