Delord Armagnac

Armagnac! Vault of Spirits new greatest crush. How can it even be possible to get something that has been cared for, nursed for and given so much love - from sprout to spirit - for SO many years. Something that tastes so good! Have gotten SO many oak aged years (like many of their vintages) and for a small price like that. That is exactly why we love Armagnac. Such good quality and deliciousness, for a very little amount of money.

Here at Vault of Spirits we are totally in love with Armagnac and especially Armagnac from Delord. Delord is a family-run Armagnac distillery that grows their own vineyards in the summer and distills their Armagnac in the winter. The Delord family double distills their Armagnac, giving their Armagnac the soft, light and fruity notes. The Delord Armagnac is personally selected by Vault of Spirits and you will quickly find out why. With a glass of Delord Armagnac in your hand, you will soon realize how divinely good a good glass of Armagnac taste.

We regularly order Armagnac home from Delord, so if you are interested in ordering a specific Delord vintage Armagnac, we can excamines whether we can order this particular one home for you. Just write to us – right here.