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Barrister Dry Gin, 40%

70 cl

When we think of Russia and drinks, it is always vodka we come to think of. But the gin wave is washed in over Russia, which has resulted in this Russian-produced gin.

Combining an original British recipe and Russian distillation knowledge, this is a gin that respects the tradition of a classic London Dry Gin, in an almost orthodox way – yet with some extra touches of hot spices.

Born in the heart of a house that has distilled the best vodka for centuries, Barrister Gin has inherited one of the best neutral alcohols in his base. This alcohol is distilled with high quality botanicals such as quan, lemon peel, coriander seeds, caraway seeds, anise, juniper and cinnamon.

Barrister Dry Gin – a unique combination of Russian and English tradition.

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