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Panda Gin, 40%

Panda Gin
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Panda Gin: Think Panda! Drink Panda! Be a Panda!

Panda Gin is a 100% organic gin from Belgium. The distillery is called Panda Gin and is SO passionate about just this one that this is the only gin they distill.


Distilled on love

Organic Panda Gin is of course based on juniper, but is the only gin in the world that is also based on the Lychee fruit – also called the love fruit, and it is EASY to taste that this Panda Gin has received lots of love. But it is not only juniper and Lychee that this gin is made from. It is further distilled on cherries, orange peel, basil, rosemary and star anise.


Notes in this Organic Panda Gin

In the nose you get fresh fruit and cherry notes – when you taste it you meet a HUGE taste bomb that almost attacks the taste buds, but which quickly finds its balance and becomes sweet and round.

When you add the tonic into this Bio Panda Gin, the love fruit and cherries really comes out and actually end up in a juniper.

Organic Panda Gin has an incredible number of layers and we recommend that you taste this in several steps. First clean, then with ice cream, then with tonic, then with garnish. It’s a taste experience you will not want to miss.

Panda Gin tastes fantastic neat – and fantastic with a good tonic.


What should I drink my Panda Gin with?

Vault of Spirits recommends for this Panda Gin: Lots of ice, Fever-Tree Meditterranean Tonic and dehydrated lemon.


Why is it called Panda Gin

Panda Gin supports Panda reserves and endangered Pandas.

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