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That Boutique-y Gin Strawberry, 46%

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50 cl.
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That Boutique-y Gin
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Strawberry Gin from That Boutique-y

Well, they’ve done it again – they have made absolutely fantastic and delicious gin.
This Strawberry Gin, brings me right back to my childhood memories. In my great-grandmother’s and great-grandfather’s colony garden house in Frederiksberg Denmark, where my great-grandmother ALWAYS served red / porridge with cream of the newly-harvested flavorful soft red delicious strawberries. Strawberries that I have NEVER tasted so lovely since and often think back to when the smell of strawberries hits me.

What are your best strawberry memories? May they be brought to life when you taste this delicious Strawberry-summer-lovely-gin? Well, I guess you have to find out 😉

Summer equals Strawberry! Summer equals ice cold Gin & Tonics! Summer equals Strawberry Gin & Tonics!

This Strawberry Gin is EXCLUSIVELY made for Denmark. What is in the air in Denmark? Danish strawberries in the Danish summer sun – now with lovely strawberry gin.

The product picture does not emit much of summer – but see how delicious this bottle looks on our Facebook page: Vault of Spirits – direct link to summer picture.

Or via our international instagram profile: Vault of Spirits – direct link to summer picture with Strawberry Gin


© Vault of Spirits Gin

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