Bathtub Gin, Sloe Gin, 33.8%

330,00 DKK
259,00 DKK


Forget EVERYTHING about port for your ris à l'amande and get over-excited  about joining your creamy almond / vanilla dessert with this fruity Sloe Gin. 

Gin to my ris à l'amande? Yes! You bet! But not any gin. It simply MUST be this Bathtub Sloe Gin, that definitely will make its way into your already full Christmas heart.

Each Bathtub Sloe Gin contains half a kilo of the finest, most delicious and warmest sloe berries. Along with juniper, cinnamon, cardamom and orange peel, this sloe gin is more warm and fruity, in fact quite cherry delicious, than all the other sloe gins.

When this Bathtub Sloe Gin hits your nose, it warmly welcomes you in a scent of marzipan and juniper, that quietly disappears and hands over the room for some spicy cinnamon and cloves.

Bathtub Sloe Gin quietly awakens your taste buds with a lovely and harmonious taste of almond and berries. Where the almond just silently flies down to you heart, the berries remain in a thick and flavorful sweetness with a final hint of vanilla and a bit of sour lemon.

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