Fary Lochan, Citrus Gin, 40%

Fary Lochan, Citrus Gin, 40%

279,20 DKK

Distillery: Fary Lochan

Type: Gin, Citrus

Country: Denmark

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 50 cl

Bottler: Distillery bottling

Name: Fary Lochan, Citrus Gin, 40%

Batch: 2019-01


This Citrus Gin, from Fary Lochan, is based on their popular gin, the Gin Classic. This gin has been added the love of fresh organic citrus and lime shells that so lovely causes the beautiful golden color of the sun, as well as the irresistible scent and wonderful taste. Therefore, this delicious Citrus Gin can be enjoyed neat, possibly. with a little ice to open up the flavors, but it clearly also spreads its wings in combination with a tonic. This Citrus Gin is fresh and summery and gives you a glimpse of the sun on a dark and cold winter day.

Recommended Gin & Tonic:
1 part gin
2 part tonic
Lots of ice

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