Fary Lochan, Classic Gin, 40 %

Fary Lochan, Classic Gin, 40 %

299,00 DKK

Distillery: Fary Lochan

Type: Gin, Classic

Country: Denmark

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 50 cl

Bottler: Distillery bottling

Name: Fary Lochan, Classic Gin, 40%

Batch: 2019-01


This classic gin is made according to Fary Lochan's very own recipe. It has a fresh, balanced and pleasant scent and taste. Fary Lochan's Classic gin is made from juniper and contains a lot of citrus and cucumber.

This Classic Gin from Danish Fary Lochan is very mild in the taste and therefore goes perfectly neat. But it definitely goes well balanced with a tonic too, if the desire for a good Gin & Tonic suddenly appears. And we all know – that can certainly happen.

Recommended Gin & Tonic:

1 part gin

2 part tonic
Lots of ice

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