That Boutique-y Gin Chocolate Orange

That Boutique-y Gin Chocolate Orange

239,20 DKK

70 cl, 46%

Method and production
Who doesn't like the chocolate-orange mix, but we all know the dangers of this acquaintance; you leave a chocolate package on the shelf in the sun, and even the refrigerator will not be able to save the package. All you have now is a hardened chocolate cricket ball.
But what if there is an answer? Chocolate Orange Gin. Made with a blend of classic gin flavor notes; orange peel and crushed cocoa, this one is even suitable for those who do not like milk or milk chocolate.

Tasting Notes
A light and alluring nose with dry cocoa and a refreshing touch of orange. Fantastic!
A thick and creamy spirtus that creates the perfect illusion of chocolate orange with its notes of milk chocolate and sweet orange. Finally a touch of citrus and a pinch of juniper pepper.

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