That Boutique-y Gin Moonshot

That Boutique-y Gin Moonshot

299,00 DKK

70 cl, 46%

Method and production
Every gram of spices and herbs used to make this gin is sent up into the stratosphere over 24 km from the Earth's surface, thereby exerting an air pressure of less than 1/100 as found at sea level. It's seriously low. In fact, if you were to find yourself over just 18km, also known as the Armstrong limit (where the pressure has already dropped to around 6.3 kPa or 1/16 as at sea level), then the fluids in your body will evaporate.

Tasting Notes
Juniper, coriander, chamomile flowers, fresh lemon peel, cardamom, dried bitter orange peel, cinnamon, cubed pepper, licorice root and angelica.
Oh, and moon rock from a meteorite from the moon. Of course.

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