That Boutique-y Gin Neroli

That Boutique-y Gin Neroli

299,00 DKK

Type: Gin
Country: England
Bottlesize: 70 cl
ABV: 46%

Method and production
Neroli oil, extracted from the bitter orange tree flower, through steam distillation and is as amazing as it is expensive, and it takes more than a ton of flowers to produce just 1 kg of oil - so of course a gin should be made from it.

Tasting Notes
An aromatic, fragrant nose, with lily of the valley, soft juniper and pink grapefruit, eventually embraced the tongue of balsamic frankincense and a touch of fresh coriander.
In a soft and delicate opening, there is a wave of orange blossom, perfumed vanilla and a slight hint of anise seeds. A pinch of cardamom and spice offers a spicy depth.

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