That Boutique-y Gin Triangle Rhubarb

That Boutique-y Gin Triangle Rhubarb

239,20 DKK

Type: Gin
Country: England
Bottlesize: 70 cl
ABV: 46%

Method and production
Rhubarb is no longer just for pies or fruit sweets. The herbaceous plant enjoys a resurgence in popularity, and not only in the culinary world, but the beautiful red color of rhubarb carves its very own stand in the world of spirits. The distillery wanted the rapid development and therefore their Rhubarb Triangle Gin was born. They have only obtained the rhubarb from the famous "rhubarb triangle", formed by the cities of Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield.

Tasting Notes
A successful texture with strong rhubarb notes that break the taste complex and fresh. A light taste of citrus, herbs and then the unmistakably dry taste of juniper.

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