That Boutique-y Gin, Yuletide, 46%

That Boutique-y Gin, Yuletide, 46%

239,20 DKK
180,00 DKK

Size: 50 cl.
ABV: 46%

All I want for Christmas is… Yuletide!

Christmas, Christmas presents and Christmas food can be a little stressful.
But we all know what can rescue us from all that stress. The perfect gin and tonic!

Put on the candle lights in your living room, ‘The Christmas waltz” on the stereo. Drop yourself on your couch, legs up and breathe in deeply! Now! Take a well-deserved sip of your iced up yuletide gin with tonic.

This is Christmas in a glass. This will be your Christmas cozyness-peak of the month . Now you can sit there, enjoy your gin and have your own little Christmas party. But don't worry. You won’t be alone. Because with this gin in your glass, you will automatically be gathering all of your favorite people to celebrate Christmas with just… gin.

This Yuletide gin has everything your Christmas heart will crave for. Cinnamon, nutmeg, dates, clementines, marzipan, Christmas pudding, chocolate truffles, Christmas tree needles and ginger bread.

Merry Christmas!

Serving suggestion:
50 ml. Yuletide Gin
150 ml Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic
Lots of ice
If you want garnish you can add some pomegranate seeds and some orange peel.

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