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Highland Park 12 yo, Viking Honour, 40%

Islands | Scotland
Highland Park
Single Malt
Bottle size
70 cl
12 years old

Highland Park 12 yo Viking Honour

This bottle of Highland Park 12 yo Viking Honour has been underway for more than a decade. The ancient vikings believe that honor and the strength to stand against adversity were universal concepts of strength. These same principles are the legacy of the vikings that settled in the Scottish Orkney Isles. And despite mead being their drink of choice, these very same ideals are easily applicable to the whisky craft. Willpower, integrity and craftsmanship are all key. Together they make for the success of Highland Park. This bottle is a testament, and indeed an explaination to the popularity of Highland Park’s whisky.

The Story of Highland Park 12 yo Viking Honour:

Smell: Chocolate and apples
Taste: Mild peat and leather
Finish: Freshly ground pepper


There are plenty of other exciting releases from the northern Scottish distillery. Click here to begin exploring our comprehensive selection. Highland Park is also a distillery with a facinating origin. The Scottish Vikings are responsible for one of today’s most acknowledged brands of whisky. Click here to learn more. Or here to visit their website.

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