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Highland Park 21 yo, 2023 Release, 46%

Islands | Scotland
Highland Park
Single Malt
Bottle size
70 cl
Minimum 21 years old
From 2001 and earlier
Cask type
Sherry, Bourbon & Rioja

Highland Park 21 yo, 2023 Release

As many as three different types of casks have helped create this bottle of Highland Park 21 yo 2023. It is bottled at 46%, which gives it a nice full-bodied expression. Nuances of light spices and vanilla from the Bourbon casks in a dance with the sweet notes of fruit juices that come from the Sherry and Rioja casks. Of course with the light sensation of smoke that is characteristic of any Highland Park whisky. By the way, at 21, it is old enough to drink in the United States.

The experience of Highland Park 21 yo, 2023 Release, 46%:

Tropical fruits, roasted almonds and a light floral Highland Park smoke. Light citrus, caramelized apples, honey and cinnamon.

But there are many more exciting bottles from the most northerly distillery in Scotland. Check out our extensive selection of Highland Park right here. Highland Park is also a distillery with a fascinating history. The Scottish Vikings are responsible for one of the most famous whiskeys in modern history. Click here to read more. Or here to see what they say about themselves.

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