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Port Charlotte 10 yo, (Heavily Peated Bruichladdich), 50%

Islay | Scotland
Port Charlotte Single Malt
Bottle size
70 cl
10 years old
Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte 10 yo Heavily Peated

Port Charlotte 10 year old expression is everything an Islay whisky can and should be.

With an ambition to make the ultimate “Islay” whisky, this is a single malt made by people not software; a whisky watched over every day of its maturing life by those who made it; a whisky born of a community with a vision and a mission to kick start a single malt whisky revolution. This Port Charlotte 10 year old is who we are. This is where we’re from.

Bruichladdich believe an “Islay” whisky should live and breathe the fresh salt tang of Islay air, all its life. This is not a spirit distilled on the island and immediately shipped off to the mainland to mature in an undisclosed warehouse.

Port Charlotte 10 yo Heavily Peated is a spirit born from the island and the community, a true expression of the land, the culture, the people.

Read more about Bruichladdich here, or see our entire whisky selection here.

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