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1770 Glasgow Distillery, Mac Y 25th Jubilee Release (2017/2021) - Peated Port, 55.3%

Lowland | Scotland
Glasgow Distillery
Peated Single Malt, Single Cask
Bottle size
50 cl
4 years old
Mac Y Jubilee Release
Cask type
ex-Bourbon with Ruby Port Cask Finish
Cask number
Number of bottles

1770 Glasgow Distillery MacY Jubilee Release

1770 Glasgow Distillery MacY Jubilee Release is a peated whisky from ex-bourbon casks that finished its maturation in casks of Ruby port. The casks combined give birth to a berry-like sweetness at a warm 55.3% ABV. The 1770 series guarantees quality as usual and the ambitious Scotsmen from Glasgow Distillery have created a unique expression with sophisticated undertones of wine and fruit.


Sensing 25th MacY Jubilee, 55.3%:

Smell: Sweet peat with notes of oak

Smag: Blackcurrant, raspberries and a hint of coffee

Finish: Delicately grilled fading impression with grapes and plums

Skilled Scottish Craftsmanship

The 1770 series from Glasgow Distillery heralds the beginning of a new era, and has already begun making its mark within the wider world of whisky. Despite its relatively young age, this Scottish distillery is off to a formidable start. Click here to learn more about the highly rated Glasgow Distillery. Or here to discover what else they can offer.

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