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1770 Glasgow Distillery, Peated - Rich & Smoky (bottled 2020), 46%

Lowland | Scotland
Glasgow Distillery
Single Malt
Bottle size
50 cl
Cask type
Virgin Oak and PX Sherry Finish

1770 Glasgow Distillery, Peated – Rich & Smoky

This award-winning bottle of 1770 Glasgow Distillery, Peated – Rich & Smoky was created from the finest Scottish concerto barley. Matured in ex-bourbon- and then ex-sherry casks. The result is a fruity sweetness that lingers in the palate. The combination of the process of maturation and the distinctive peat, results in a delectably spicy experience with hints of candied sweets. A peated whisky that insists on another glass and nothing less than a masterpiece from Glasgow Distillery.


The memory of 1770 Glasgow Distillery, Peated – Rich & Smoky, 48%:

Smell: Peated with hints of fruit

Taste: Smoked meats and dried berries

Finish: Gentle cinnamon and spices

Skilled Scottish Craftsmanship:

The 1770 series from Glasgow Distillery heralds the beginning of a new era, and has already begun making its mark within the wider world of whisky. Despite its relatively young age, this Scottish distillery is off to a formidable start. Click here to learn more about the highly rated Glasgow Distillery. Or here to discover what else they can offer.

Furthermore, this bottle has been reviewed by the independent Danish whisky reviewer The Whisky Viking. Click here to see what he thinks.

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