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Kingsbarns Doocot, 46%

Lowland | Scotland
Single Malt
Bottle size
70 cl
Cask type
Ex-Bourbon & STR barriques

Kingsbarns Doocot is the Kingsbarns distillery’s elegant signature release, consisting of a combination of whiskey aged in bourbon casks and whiskey aged in STR red wine casks, with a mixing ratio of approximately 90-10. The casks are handpicked to ensure maximum effect on Kingsbarn’s own new make spirits.

Unlike Dream to Dram, Doocot has been aged longer in the casks, which results in a greater complexity in the taste. The bourbon casks enhance the spirit’s natural sweetness and fruitiness, while the STR red wine casks give off greater flavor richness and color. Slow and painstaking aging of this fusion results in a whiskey with complex notes of summer flowers and sweet tropical fruits.

The name ‘Doocot’ is the Scottish word for a dovecote – and is a reference to the old and incredibly beautiful dovecote located on the Kingsbarns farm, where the distillery is located. The pigeons are also represented on the bottle and in the print.

Kingsbarns Doocot is released non-chill filtered, without added color and at an ABV of 46%.

Kingsbarns Lowlands Distillery’s signature expression – aged in a blend of bourbon and STR red wine casks. Extremely fruity and sweet!

Aroma: Sweet and floral – with brown sugar, banana cake and tropical notes.
Taste: Pineapple, syrup, summer berries and a touch of rhubarb.
Finish: Kiwi fruits and citrus acidity.

Read more about Kingsbarns here, or see our full whisky selection here.

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