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A1710 Cheval Bondieu - Rhum Extraordinaire, 51.5%

Caribbean | Martinique
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70 cl
Cheval Bondieu

A1710 Cheval Bondieu – Rhum Extraordinaire, 51.5% is a special rum and is A1710’s first matured rum. The label shows a picture of a walking stick – a light, slender and elegantly moving animal that can be found in the wild on Martinique. The characteristics of the animal are all reflected in this fantastic bottling.

A1710 Cheval Bondieu Rhum Extraordinaire is batch-distilled from fresh sugarcane juice, which is the result of a single pressing. The distillation of this rum is carried out in the distillery’s beautiful pot still, which has been named ‘la Belle Aline’. It is a single copper pot still combined with a smaller column containing seven copper plates. The rum is then matured in French and American oak barrels between 18 and 36 months, and is subsequently reduced with water and bottled at 51.5% alcohol. Cheval Bondieu is a masterpiece and a school example of how to make rum.

A1710 Cheval Bondieu Rhum Extraordinaire tastes of: Fresh tropical fruit, honey and spice cake. The aftertaste offers roasted coffee beans, vanilla and blackcurrants. This rum should of course be enjoyed neat.

World Rum Awards: Style Winner 2021
Top Rum: Superbe 2021

The distillery
On Martinique you will find the small craft distillery A1710, which is one of the few distilleries on the island that uses batch distillation. A1710 started production of rhum agricole, which is the main type of rum in Martinique, back in 2016, and today is known for making the best white rum on the island. Their style of rum is powerful but also soft and full-bodied, and their approach to terroir and sugarcane is by far the most serious in Martinique.

You can see our full range of rums here, or read more about A1710 rum here, if your French is strong.

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