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Abuelo XII, Three Angels, 43%

Central America | Panama
Bottle size
70 cl
12 years old

Abuelo XII Three Angels is a more powerful and intense version of the award-winning Abuelo XII Ano’s “Two Oaks”.

Aroma: Roasted hazelnut, sweet spice and exotic fruits, with a hint of leather, dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans.
Taste: Intense – the burnt oak barrel clearly shines through – vanilla, honey sweetness and delicious dried fruits.
Aftertaste: Long-lasting, spicy and smoky – with notes of cocoa beans.

About Abuelo XII Three Angels
Abuelo XII Ano’s “Three Angels” is a single estate rum from Ron Abuelo’s distillery in Panama. This deep and elegant release is – like its little sister Abuelo XII Ano’s “Two Oaks” – a blend of double-aged 12-year rums, which are first aged in white American oak bourbon casks, then in extra-burnt new oak casks. Unlike “Two Oaks”, this release is taken exclusively from the casks on the top row of Ron Abuelo’s vintage pallet warehouses.

On the top row, the temperature reaches as high as 35°C. This results in angel’s share (the percentage of whiskey that evaporates each year) reaching as much as 15% – in comparison, angel’s share in Scotland is only approx. 3%. This exceptionally high angel’s share is the inspiration behind the name Three Angels. Extreme daily changes in temperature and humidity result in a rum with extraordinary complexity and flavor. In addition, “Three Angels” is also bottled at a higher alcohol strength than Ron Abuelo’s other releases, which perfectly compliments the more intense taste.

Three Angels is a variation of the award-winning Abuelo XII Ano’s “Two Oaks”, which among other things has won Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022.

Abuelo XII Ano’s “Three Angels” is released at an ABV of 43%.

Tasting notes:

In the fragrance you are met by delicious notes of roasted hazelnut, sweet spice and exotic fruits, with hints of leather, dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans. When tasting, there is an intense and very deep flavor which undoubtedly originates from the burnt oak barrel. This is followed by explosions of vanilla and honey sweetness, delicious dried fruits such as prunes and coconut, ending with a lingering, spicy and slightly smoky aftertaste of cocoa.

Read more about Abuelo here, or see our entire rum selection here.

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