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Alta Gama Extra-Sec (15 g/L sugar added), Fine Aged Rum, 41%

South America | Guyana
Port Mourant, Enmore & Uitvlugt
Dark Rum
Bottle size
70 cl
Fine Aged Rum

Alta Gama Extra-Sec Fine Aged Rum has added 15 grams of sugar per litre.

The idea behind ALTA GAMA RUM is based on honesty, understanding and education within the rum category.

Initially, with four Guyana bottlings, the focus is on the added sugar in rum, as the four varieties offer a spectrum of different added sugar. The four versions all contain the same rum blend, with only the sugar content varying. ALTA GAMA RUM is one of the first rum brands to declare the sugar content on the bottle labels, and ALTA GAMA RUM was created based on an honest and transparent basic vision.

The series is aimed at most rum connoisseurs, regardless of whether you like dry or sweet rum. The purpose of the rum series is to show rum connoisseurs what the addition of sugar can do to a quality rum, which is why you can find ALTA GAMA RUM both with and without added sugar. The four bottlings respectively contain 0, 15, 25 and 35 grams of cane sugar per bottle. liters of rum. If you enjoy the sweeter types of rum, you should go for the varieties with 25 or 35 grams of sugar added. If you enjoy the less sweet types of rum, you should try them with 0 or 15 grams of added sugar. It is a good exercise to taste all four bottlings against each other, as this gives an overview of what the dosage of sugar does to a rum.

Alta Gama Extra-Sec Fine Aged Rum consists of 100% Guyana rum from distilled Demerara Distillers Ltd. The blend consists of fully aged rum between 5 and 15 years, which has aged in former bourbon casks in Guyana’s tropical climate.

ALTA GAMA RUM is a “Single Blended Rum”. This term covers the composition of different distillate types. In the bottles you will find both continuous and still-distilled rum from the same distillery. Exactly, the blend consists of distillates from the classic wooden stills Port Mourant and Enmore, as well as Uitvlugt. These old stills are named after the plantations where they were originally installed. Today, all of Guyana’s stills are at the Diamond Distillery in the capital, Georgetown.

The tradition of rum production in Guyana goes back a long way, and the South American country is known for providing some of the world’s best rum. Rum has been produced in Guyana for over 300 years and the distillery boasts their collection of old and unique stills as a large part of the country’s unique rum heritage. This heritage has enabled the distillery to offer a wide range of rums of the highest quality, of different ages, styles and flavors – a wide spectrum of rums which are also showcased in the ALTA GAMA ROOM.

The Enmore Still is a Wooden Continuous Coffey Still, and is today the last fully functioning example of its kind. The Enmore Still is identical to the very first continuous still, designed and patented by Irishman Aeneas Coffey in 1832. The device is the original and last remaining from the Enmore Sugar Estate which was founded almost 200 years ago by Edward Henry Porter. Since 1880, Enmore Still has been producing a medium-bodied rum with a mild fruity and licorice aroma, and the rum’s unique flavor can be attributed in part to the wooden sides found on the still.

The Port Mourant Still – founded in 1732 – is a Double Wooden Pot Still that originates from the plantation of the same name. The apparatus was previously on the Uitvlugt Estate, but in 2000 was moved to the Diamond Distillery, where it stands to this day. The unique copper-necked pot still is valued by rum connoisseurs as a very heavy, aromatic, and not least deeply tasting rum distillate. The old Green Heartwood that forms the framework for the boilers plays an important role in the development of the characteristic taste characteristics that characterize rum from Port Mourant Still. The element of rum from Port Mourant Still is indispensable in ALTA GAMA RUM, and helps to create a broad-spectrum flavor profile.

In ALTA GAMA RUM we finally find rum from the original continuous metal Savalle Still which goes by the name Uitvlugt Still. The device is inherited from the Uitvlugt Estate which dates back to the 18th century. The rum produced on this device is characterized by a sweet cane sugar aroma, combined with a dry and medium-bodied taste.

Some rum producers add sugar to their rum to bring out the nuances of flavor in the rum. Others add sugar to hide the bad sides or outright flaws in the rum. And here is the heart of the problem with added sugar, because in some cases the added sugar is used in the service of the good cause, and in other cases it is used as a smokescreen. At ALTA GAMA RUM, we are open about the addition of sugar. The basic blend without added sugar is an extremely well-composed rum, which in itself is fantastically balanced with beautifully integrated alcohol and great taste. With this blend, the basic quality of the blend is demonstrated, and versions with a progressively higher sweetness are also offered. You do not hide a poorly produced product with sugar, but simply support an already tasty blend with different sugar levels – taste for yourself.

But why is adding sugar to rum such a big taboo? In the production of the sparkling wine champagne, sugar is happily added to some of the world’s most expensive and most prestigious wines – they even show off the added sugar, which is called “dosage”. The degree of addition is found on the champagne labels, and there are even a number of dosage terms that divide the level of addition. It makes good sense to inform the consumer about the level of sweetness on the label, and for the same reason it is also something that ALTA GAMA RUM makes use of. You use the same divisions as you do in Champagne – these can be seen below:

Brut Nature (0 grams)
Extra Brut (0-6 grams of sugar)
Brut (Under 12 grams of sugar)
Extra Sec (12 grams – 17 grams of sugar)
Sec (17 grams – 32 grams of sugar)
Demi sec (Under 50 grams of sugar)
Doux (Over 50 grams of sugar)

Read more on Alta Gama Rums here or see our entire rum selection here.

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