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Chairman's Reserve Legacy Rum, 43%

Caribbean | Saint Lucia
Bottle size
70 cl
Saint Lucia Distillers

Chairman’s Reserve Legacy Rum

Chairman’s Reserve Legacy is a tribute to St. Lucia Distillers chairman, Laurie Bernard, who pioneered the blending of rums from different stills. Suiting Laurie Bernard’s vision, the Legacy rum is therefore a fantastic blend of rums from pot still, batch still and column still, which gives the rum a wonderful intensity and complexity. The rum has lovely notes of raisin and caramel, which harmonize beautifully with tobacco, vanilla and banana.

The rum is a blend of rum distillates from Coffey stills, batch stills and pot stills aged in oak casks between 5 to 8 years, which gives complexity to the rum. The majority of the blend for the Legacy rum comes from traditional sugar cane molasses, while the hidden spice in the rum is due to the inclusion of “Rhum Agricolle”, which is produced from fresh sugar cane from the distillery’s surrounding sugar cane fields.

The rum has a light golden-brown mahogany hue and has a perfect balance of notes from raisins and caramel that harmonize beautifully with tobacco, vanilla and banana. The rum tastes lovely of sweet crème brûlée, vanilla and ginger with a lovely long and lingering finish.

Chairman’s Legacy is intense and complex, which means it can be enjoyed neat as well as in cocktails to give an extra twist to traditional drinks.

Laurie Bernard is the son of St. Lucia Distillers founder, Dennis Bernard. However, it was Laurie Bernard, with his vision of blending rums from different distillation types, who lifted the distillery to the heights that characterize Chairman’s Reserve today with a sea of ​​internationally recognized awards. It was also Laurie Bernard who decided to replant sugarcane around the distillery, to have control right from harvest to bottling.

Read more about Chairman’s Reserve here, or see our entire rum selection here.

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