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Chairman's Reserve Original Rum, 40%

Caribbean | Saint Lucia
Bottle size
70 cl
Saint Lucia Distillers

Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum

Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum is the flagship of St. Lucia Distillers, which has won several gold medals at several different tastings. The dark-golden rum is a blend of Coffey and pot stills and is aged for an average of 5 years in ex bourbon barrels. This gives the rum well-balanced aromas and a structured taste with a long creamy finish, making Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum an absolute “must-have rum”.

Chairman’s Original was first blended in 1999. This was done under the supervision of then Chairman, Laurie Barnard, as a special project to create a higher quality rum that could represent the iconic style associated with a St. Lucian room.
Chairman’s Reserve started with selected old distillates from both their “Coffey column still” and their “copper pot still”. The rum from the two distillates is matured and blended in old bourbon barrels, after which they are blended and undergo a final aging in oak barrels.

The end result has become the well-known flagship, Chairman’s Reserve Rum Original, known for its harmonious rounded finesse and style, with enormous character. It can be used both for cocktails and as pure sipping rum.

Dark amber color, with typical notes from the pot-still distillate, filled with aromas of banana, caramelized fruits, spicy oak and vanilla. A well-balanced rum with hints of chocolate, golden raisin, tobacco and cloves which spread over a long creamy finish.

The rum can be enjoyed neat or in a wide range of elegant cocktails. Some ideas for cocktails where this rum goes great with could include be Old Fashioned, Mai Tai, Roseau Spritz and Rum Swizzle.

This rum has won numerous awards, which confirms its popularity. This includes, among other things, recognized awards such as gold at Tastings.com, “Excellent & Highly recommended” at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and gold at “The Rum and Cachaca Masters”.

Read more about Chairman’s Reserve here, or see our entire rum selection here.

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