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Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum, 40%

Caribbean | Saint Lucia
Bottle size
70 cl
Saint Lucia Distillers

Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks

The Forgotten Casks from Chairman’s Reserve is a rum that is based on Chairman’s Reserve’s Original Rum but with additional age. This dark rum is a blend consisting of 6 to 11 year old rums and has won several recognized awards for its well-balanced taste and long lovely rounding finish.

The Forgotten Casks, from Chairman’s Reserve is a rum with extra age. This rum is distilled to mimic the rum found in the “original forgotten casks” of the Chairman’s Reserve, which have been preserved from St. Lucia Distillers horrific fire on May 2, 2007. Click here to see how Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum is produced.

After the fire, the cellar master was forced to find new storage spaces for his rum barrels during the rebuilding of the distillery, and some of these barrels were therefore misplaced in the confusion.
These “forgotten casks” gave the cellar master a rum that was too old for the original blend of Chairman’s Reserve. When they tasted the rum, they fell in love with the taste and decided to launch it as a new variant in their range – a rum with extra age.

Rich, dark and mahogany color with an intense nose of sweet raisins, tobacco, amber, honey and vanilla. The palate offers grilled tropical fruit and candied walnuts, rounded out with soft spices that continue as a long wonderful finish.

Like many other variants of Chairman’s Reserve rum, this rum has also won recognized awards. It has, among other things, won gold at Tastings.com and “Excellent & Highly Recommended” at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge with 93 points, where the Forgotten Casks was a finalist

Read more about Chairman’s Reserve here, or see our entire rum selection here.

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