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Doorly's 12 yo, Barbados Rum, 43%

Caribbean | Barbados
Bottle size
70 cl
12 yo.
Richard Seale, Foursquare
Cask type
Kentucky Bourbon and Madeira

Rum from Foursquare, is known for its fine gentle and pleasant notes of lovely sun and holiday. That is, coconut, vanilla, light chocolate. It is also present in this rum.

Nice complexity in the taste, which is friendly and pleasant. Good balance between the spicy and a mild freshness. The taste is dominated by a chocolate and toffee flavor, vanilla and a bit of freshness from a sun-ripened summer apple. Soft, comfortable and very drinkable. A rum you will be able to serve to everyone. Doorly’s Barbados rum is created by Richard Seale, who is behind Foursquare.

It is a blend of pot still rum (approx. 10%) which gives complexity, depth and fullness and column distilled rum (approx. 90%) which adds the milder taste notes which gives a good balance between aroma and taste.

The rum has subsequently aged for 12 years in two types of casks. 90% of the rum has been stored in ex. Kentucky Bourbon cask and 10% in ex. Madeira cask. Eventually, the rums are bonded and allowed to “marry” for a short period, so that the rums are fully integrated.

Fun Fact:
Foursquare is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly distilleries in the world.

© Vault of Spirits – Rom

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