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Doorly's XO, Barbados Rum, 43%

Caribbean | Barbados
Bottle size
70 cl
Blend 6-12 yo.
Richard Seale, Foursquare
Cask type
Oloroso sherry

The scent is characterized by rubber, sherry and oak. Nice pleasant spice on the scent.

Doorly’s XO Fine Old Barbados Rum is a little milder in taste than its “big brother” Doorly’s 12 years Fine Old Barbados Rum. But it is still a wonderful rum which is very easy to drink and which any rum drinker – even mother-in-law – will be able to enjoy. It is a little young on the palate, with a mild sweetness from the sherry cask as well as vanilla and nuts at the end.

Doorly’s XO Fine Old Rum is a blend of old rum, which gets an extra storage – a little more than just a finish – in Spanish oak barrels that have contained Oloroso sherry. It gives a sweet spice to the rum.

Doorly’s brand is fabricated back in the early 1920s by Martin Doorly. Several of the rums were later named after him. In 1992, Martin Doorly Rum was bought by R.L. Seale.

Doorley’s XO is the house’s premium rum and is a blend of 6 year to 12 year old Barbados rum.

The distillery “The Foursquare Plantation”, where Doorley’s XO is blended and stored, is approx 350 years old.

Fun Fact:
Foursquare was completely renovated in 1995 and is a mix of history and new technology. The on-site space production is 100% environmentally friendly.

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