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El Salvador 12 yo (2008/2020), The 1423 Single Barrel Selection, 55%

Central America | El Salvador
Column distilled rum
Bottle size
70 cl
12 years old
Rum 1423
Single Barrel Selection
El Salvador
Number of bottles

The first thing that meets the nose is a surprising and interesting scent with a spicy touch, vegetable notes of celery and sharp mustard. After being “aired” a little in the glass, a mild note of varnish, citrus and pepper comes.

The taste offers good acidity and spice. There are also some tannins from the cask, which give a dry touch to the rum. In addition, there is coconut, cocoa and citrus as well as a little varnish.

The rum is based on molasses and distilled on a column still. It is bottled at cask strength and is therefore not watered down. No cold filtration or any additives have been used.

1423 World Class Spirits is a Danish independent bottler, from Odense, who publishes a large number of exciting rums. This is from their S.B.S. series, which means Single Barrel Selection and thus indicates that the rum has been selected from many barrels and then one selected barrel has been bottled. There were 318 bottles of this bottling.

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