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Luxardo Limoncello, 27%

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Luxardo Limoncello

Luxardo Limoncello is a popular liqueur in Italy. It’s made by steeping lemon zest in alcohol – typically vodka – before adding sirup to the resulting liquid. Luxardo hand picks the best lemons from Southern Italy and uses both peel, pulp and juice for this limoncello. Naturally 100% vegan and without GMO. All that remains is a bottle that can be enjoyed on its own either chilled or on the rocks e.g. mixed with tonic. We’ve got a great suggestion to what you can use your own bottle for, if you’re feeling adventurous:


The Perfect Luxardo Limoncello Spritz:

All you need is:
2 dL Luxardo Limoncello
75 cL cava  (e.g. MM Seleccion Especial Semi Seco Vintage 2019, 11%)
1 lime

…and plenty of ice cubes!

Clean the lime and cut it into half slices, before distributing them into tall glasses. Add ice cubes – the more, the better! Start with the limoncello before topping up with the cava. And just like that – you have a refreshing, summery drink that can be enjoyed at any season of the year. Cheers!


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