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Macallan Classic Cut 2021, 51%

Speyside | Scotland
The Macallan
Single Malt, Limited Edition
Bottle size
70 cl
Classic Cut

Macallan Classic Cut 2021

Macallan Classic Cut 2021 is a special release named after, perhaps the most important event during the process of creating whisky. Before the whisky is poured into casks for maturation, the alcohol is distilled in three measures. The first, named the “head” is seperated and discarded along with the very last, called the “tail”. The middle measure of alcohol is called the “heart” and is used for whisky. Using smaller copper pot stills than the majority of their competitors, Macallan has plenty of reasons to take pride in their product. Distilled with a wider contact surface with the copper and less contact with the air, this offers a fuller complexity in the base product before the sherry cask maturation. This tasteful and premium whisky was bottled in 2021.


The Style of Macallan Classic Cut 2021, 51%:

Nose: Vanilla, apples, chocolate and caramel
Taste: More vanillla, more chocolate and more caramel
Finish: Cocoa beans and a sweet impression of oak


The highly acclaimed Speyside distillery has an astonishing background, arriving from obscurity to the center stage in a short amount of time. Click here to read their story.


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