Sorgin Small Batch Sauvignon Gin, 43%

345,00 DKK

70 cl

Sorgin (the Basque word for witch) is the first liquor sold by well-known winemakers Sabine Jaren and François Lurton. They are known for producing wine and owning vineyards in several countries, including the family property Château Bonnet in Entre-Deux-Mers in Bordeaux, France. Sorgin is intended as a natural link between wine and spirits as it is fermented and distilled on the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

The grape distillate on which Sorgin is based is infused with eg. juniper, grapefruit and lemon, giving a complex gin that highlights the taste of juniper and sauvignon blanc, with underlying shades of fruit and herbs. The long, beautiful and elegant aftertaste has hints of flowers in perfect harmony with the juniper flavor.

Sorgin is classified as a classic London Dry Gin and contains 43% alcohol. It comes in an elegant and beautifully decorated bottle, and the taste and design go together.

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