That Boutique-y Big Dipper - Batch 1

That Boutique-y Big Dipper - Batch 1

299,00 DKK

Type: Gin
Country: England
Bottlesize: 50 cl.
ABV: 46%

Method and production
Fun Fairs are so unique, they are both child-like and nostalgic, but also a bit seedy and worn. The aroma of a funfair bears these contradictions - sugar mixed with machines and dirt.
But, all of these are caught in the aromas of this gin.
On the bottle we see the view from a happy amateur guest who has a party with popcorn, caramel apple and candyfloss. Mixed with the speed of the roller coaster, you can see some familiar faces enjoying themselves as the sun goes down in the background.

Tasting Notes
Herbaceous, grassy, oily smoke and cardamom. On the tongue is the smooth, oily mouthfeel with citrus, cocoa and sweetness. Eventually you will find sweet caramel, butter popcorn, a little smoke and the smell of grass and cardamom.

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