Glasgow Distillery

One country in particular springs to mind when it comes to whisky. And if you ask the natives themselves, they’ll tell you that only two kinds exist: Scotch and everything else. Fortunately, many people share this sentiment. Scotland prides itself with the numerous distilleries that are dotted around the countryside, from the Highlands and all the way south to the English border. According to the Scotch Whisky Association, no fewer than 130 Single Malt distilleries are in business as per 2020. The majority of these are found in a comfortable distance to the barley fields, as the farmers historically used the surplus crops in the creation of this amber-golden drink.

Glasgow however, is far from barley fields, Angus cattle and the idyllic country life. But what they lack in proximity to natural resources, they more than make up for in talent acquisition of both knowledgeable and creative minds. The stars aligned for Liam Hughes, Mike Hayward and Ian MacDougall to begin the production of Single Malt in the city. Or rather, they resumed production. The former production of whisky within city limits ceased more than a century ago. Back then, the distillery went by the name Dundashill and continued the tradition of locally bottled Single Malt Scotch through several changes in leadership. A historical lineage that had its inception in the year 1770. The heirs of this legacy are now known as Glasgow Distillery. And despite having moved their production facility, the year is now the namesake of their award winning series.

“The five ladies are sure to stay busy

In the year 2020, the new production facility was expanded at a sum of $7.2 millions. Contracted by the Red Cross that very same year, they aided in the production of hand disinfectant. Their company now totaled no less than five stills, lovingly named after female family members of the founders themselves. And with their expansive product line-up also including releases of rum and gin, the five ladies are sure to stay busy. Glasgow Distiller is also equipped with a laboratory wing, where busy chemists work around the clock to create new expressions.

Glasgow Distillery - stills - photo

Glasgow Distillery themselves claim a profound respect for whisky tradition – rid of all notions of arrogant self importance. And with an attitude like that, it isn’t difficult to predict a bright future for the award-winning Glasgow Distillery.

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