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What is Paul John whisky? Goa in India has been a popular traveling destination for decades. If you ask the locals, they will tell you that Goa has only 3 seasons: hot, hot and hotter. What may come as a surprise, however is that the coastal state has more to offer than just exotic beaches and a thriving nightlife.

Because in Goa they make whisky and not just any old whisky. The area is home to a vast variety of spices and herb, that for centuries have benefited from the very best growing conditions. The torrential downpour from the annual monsoon in the surrounding mountain regions lays the foundation for a truly remarkable experience.

“The barley is imported from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains …”

This hardly comes as a surprise to John Distilleries because they’ve had their hand in the whisky craft since 1996. Master distiller Micheal D’souza decided in 2008 to combine the unique local ingredients and growing conditions and venture into the prestigious international market of single malt whisky.

The barley is imported from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and nearly a dozen of different variants of the whisky is resting in casks of American white oak underneath the production facility. The peat is imported from Scotland. The reason being, that this is one of the few ingredients not native to the region. We currently have four of these in stock and with an Angel’s Share and a maturation process that is up to 4 times faster than Scotland, John Paul is a brand that is increasingly more difficult to avoid.

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We at the Vault are personally impressed and thrilled to now share the experience with you! We sampled three of the different Paul John expressions in our virtual whisky tasting ‘Ireland vs. India’ – to the amazement of our 120 participant. The independent Danish whisky expert The Whisky Viking, has reviewed numerous different whiskies from Paul John. Click here to see what he thinks about Paul John.
Or you can personally visit their location in Goa.

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