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Rum Nation Guatemala XO 20th Anniversary, 40 %

Central America | Guatemala
Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala
Dark Rum
Bottle size
70 cl
Rum Nation
Cask type
Bourbon & Oloroso and PX Sherry

The rum smells of summer, honey, flowers, cane sugar and cola.

Lovely creamy and sweet taste of floral honey, cane sugar and cola. There is a good oily fatness in the rum and notes of raisin, dates and figs, as well as candied orange peel.

This is a very drink-friendly rum, which will appeal to most rum drinkers from beginners to more experienced, who like rum at the medium sweet end. The base of the rum is sugar cane honey, which is made by boiling filtered sugar cane juice. The honey syrup that remains contains approx. 72% sugar.

The rum is released to celebrate Rum Nations’ 20th anniversary and consists of some of the best and sweetest dishes from the only distilleri in Guatemala – Destilleri Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. Only sugar cane from Guatemala is used in production. The rum is distilled in a column still. The rum is then transported up to the northeastern part of Guatemala, where it is stored 185 meters above sea level, in American white oak barrels that previously contained Bourbon. Then the rich rum rests at the Rio Hondo River, which has a humid and almost tropical climate. This accelerates the maturation of the rum.

After maturation in American ex. Burbon barrels in a semi-tropical climate, the rum is shipped to Italy in a cooler continental climate, where it gets a finish in Olorosso and Pedro Ximenez casks in the warehouses in Italy. Here the rum develops its vinous and fruity properties.

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