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Highland Park Cask Strength - Release No. 2, 63.9%

Islands | Scotland
Highland Park
Cask Strength Single Malt
Bottle size
70 cl
Cask Strength
Release No. 2

Highland Park Cask Strength – Release No. 2

Highland Park Cask Strength Release No. 2 is a very special bottle. Cask Strength means that it was bottled from a single cask, hence it is impossible to achieve a uniform expression that can be reproduced annually. Sometimes, however a particularly good maturation takes place under particularly good circumstances. And sometimes these bottlings are so popular that they warrant a second release. Defying all logic, Highland Park has outdone their first excellent release with their second. The result is a uniquely balanced whisky experience, at an an 63.9% is is strikingly mild and well-balanced. A contemporary classic; nothing less.


The Sensation of Highland Park Cask Strength – Release No. 2, 63.9%:

Smell: Nougat, ice cream with rum-soaked raisins

Taste: Liquorice root and red berries

Finish: Long, deep fade-out with notes of chocolate


There are plenty of other exciting releases from the northern Scottish distillery. Click here to begin exploring our comprehensive selection. Highland Park is also a distillery with a facinating origin. The Scottish Vikings are responsible for one of today’s most acknowledged brands of whisky. Click here to learn more. Or here to visit their website.

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