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Boatyard Double gin, 46%

Behind this 46% Irish gin stands the former COO, London Distillery Joe McGirr, who makes Kew & Dodd’s gin, among others.

The gin is based on malted wheat alcohol and champagne yeast which they produce themselves. The alcohol is then distilled twice with juniper and ingredients such as Angelika root, Orris, Raw licorice, mashed potatoes, as well as “grains of paradise” (reminiscent of a ginger pepper). The ingredients used in this gin are all organic.

The ingredients are infused in 96% alcohol before distilling again to contact juniper twice. Hence the name “Double Gin”.

The higher alcohol percentage gives a completely different expression and is sweet and dry at the same time. The spicy ingredients becomes more alive while the fruit becomes even more fresh. This Gin will appeal to people who is into the dry classic term such as Plymouth Navy Strenght or Geranium 55%. It will clearly stand out among the higher percentages with its incredible freshness and fullness.

Boatyard Double gin is an excellent organic gin (lacking certification) focused on juniper. Powerful fullness and a bit of licorice and citrus on the back of the tongue. The fruit becomes very prominent with tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit.

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